precision cannabis


medicinal cannabis is a

promising therapy

for many patients with unmet clinical need but maximizing its therapeutic potential requires further information, analysis and insight.

NAC Bio is aiming to enhance patient outcomes through precision cannabis — providing patients and care-providers with data-driven insights that tailor cannabinoid therapy to individual patients.


NAC BIO is a

health information company

founded by National Access Cannabis Corp. (TSXV:META) and Dr. Tyler Wish that is utilizing the latest in data-science, human genomics and digital health make a meaningful impact on the safe and effective use of medicinal cannabis.


Dr. Tyler Wish


Tyler is a trained epidemiologist and biotechnology entrepreneur interested in data-driven medicine and computational drug discovery. Tyler cofounded Sequence Bio, a privately-held, venture-backed biotechnology company that is leading the Newfoundland 100,000 person genome sequencing initiative designed to advance big data drug discovery. Additionally, he's an advocate for Canadian-led Innovation (appointed Canadian Innovation Leader by the Federal Government) and youth STEM education, who received his BSc (chemistry) from the University of Victoria and PhD (medicine) from Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Mark Goliger


Mark is a a health care industry executive helping large organizations provide exceptional results in highly regulated and difficult environments. At National Access Cannabis (NAC), Mark leads its established medical clinic division and is responsible for the company’s recreational cannabis expansion. Since joining NAC, Mark has deepened the company’s relationships with Canada’s First Nations, licensed its medical model for use in Australia, successfully applied to operate recreational cannabis dispensaries in Manitoba, acquired Cannabis Care Group to provide cannabis program solutions direct to pharmacies and signed a strategic partnership with Second Cup to accelerate NAC’s retail expansion. Previously Mr. Goliger was COO of Qualicare Family Homecare, and prior to that, Mr. Goliger was the COO of Right at Home Canada.

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